Friday, September 3, 2010

Sept 1 & 2

Well I made it to Italy! The travels were long and a little painful but I made it here in one piece and as a bonus so did my luggage.  My first night here my roommates and I went out to a group dinner organized by one of the students, it was delicious! It was 20 euro for 4 courses, wine and dessert shots (limoncillo) at the end.  I have realized that dinner is not a fast process in Italy, it took us about 2 1/2 hours to eat!

September 2nd was orientation day which took up most of the day.  We did get a break for lunch and I got a chance to get a cell phone that works in the area.  After the second part of orientation I walked around with some girls to explore the other side of the Arno River (Fiume Arno) and see the Piazzale Michelangiolo.  At the Piazzale, there is a wonderful look out of the city and of course the replica of the David statue in the middle.  That night the school set up a free dinner at a place called The Clubhouse, it was more American then the last place we had been the night before but still had 3 courses and great tiramisu!


  1. Hey G of Florence. Love the pictures - they look like post cards! Can't wait to see and hear more......

  2. Hi Grace,
    Kristin and I had a chance to read your blog this weekend and it sounds like you're having a great time. Look forward to more blogging from you. Kristin is going to Guatemala in January, you two sure get a lot of traveling in!

    Aunt Kathy