Sunday, September 19, 2010

Giardino di Boboli & Florentia Soccer

This weekend was devoted to Florence! Me and a couple of friends spent the majority of Thursday and Friday planing future weekend trips to Interlaken, Switzerland (next weekend) and a packed fall break trip to Paris, Barcelona and London.  In between all of the planning, I did get a chance to see a couple of notable things around Florence.

On Friday me and a several other girls that go to my school went to the Boboli Gardens on the other side of the famous Pitti Palace home to the Medici family (the famous family of bankers that started investing in art in Florence i.e. Michelangelo).  The gardens are technically the backyard to the palace and they were huge!  We were there on a kind of rainy day so the view of the city was a little foggy, although still beautiful, but my favorite part was this cave like area that was intricately decorated with carvings made directly into the wall.

Saturday morning me and my roommates headed to the market where we bought lots of fresh fruits, veggies, cheese and meat.  This was a great chance for us to practice all the new Italian we have been learning in school....its not great yet but we managed to get what we needed.  We also got some fresh bacon and eggs and had a good American brunch! yum! Saturday night I headed off to a soccer game (called Calcio in Italian)  Florentina was playing Rome (not sure what there team name was) at home.  After taking the longest bus ride possible to the game, we made it and got to witness first hand the crazy Italian soccer fans.  There was literally armed guards at the game to protect the Rome fans from the Florence Fans, and each time a goal was scored on either side they would get into position as the fans tried to get at each other! Other than that the game was fun and very lively but Florence lost 1-2.

Giardino di Boboli
Giardino di Boboli
Florentina Soccer!

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